All cannot be learn from research, whether it is from the internet, or books. Experience is a powerful teacher. If you were in need of a heart surgeon which would you choose? One who has been in practice for 20 years with an excellent history, or one just out of school with no history?

     This page is focused on those who need experienced help on a personal level.
Cold weather bark kill of un-winterized Paulowia

Paulownia Tours; On My Farm

     Come tour my paulownia farm that got started back in 1989. Learn what to do and not. You will be joining me at my location to learn the things I have done both right and wrong over the past 23 plus years. You will get a jump start to your adventure into the paulowniaarena with minimal cost from mistakes that you may not become aware of until years down the road.

     If your are considering making paulownia a business venture, this could be one of the best investments made. For me, hind sight is always 20/20. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been way ahead of the game. If I would have had this opportunity, my return on investment would have been recovered the first year.

     Scheduling is by appointment, with most days being on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. These visits are customized to your needs and learning material will be provided, along with any special request for the visit.
Winterizing Paulownia with latex paint

Paulownia Consulting; On Line

     This service is tailored to single specific issues/questions on some aspects of paulownia farming. It does not cover questions on how to market your paulownia.

     Be prepared to give us detailed information on any aspect of your plantation. This includes the soil type, soil drainage, soil depth, sun ordinations, weather, water table, type of weed control, herbicides used, insecticides used, species of paulownia, etc.

     You also need to be able to attach any pictures of the problem by email.