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Please Read Before Ordering :
     PayPal isthe preferred method of payment. An account is not required to make a purchase. All you need is a credit or debit card. Clicking "Add to Cart" will take you to PayPal's site. If PayPal is not possible, other options are available such as Western Union or bank wire.

Shipping cost:
​    Free shipping for seed and root cuttings within continental USA.  Shipment fees apply for lumber and must be quoted at the time of ordering.  Unless other arrangements are made, shipment is by the United States Postal Services (USPS.com).

     The bottom line...If not for sure???  All you need to do is contact me.

Our products and services:  are divided into 3 categories...paulownia wood, propagation, and consulting.​​
      Paulownia wood is expense to ship.  So, local pickups are welcome.  However,  carving blocks are sold in the green and are by far too heavy to ship.  We try to keep electric guitar blanks and hand plains in inventory, along with 2.25 inch thick rough saw boards.  All other dimensions are welcome as a customs cut jobs.
     Paulownia propagation material may require special documents if ship outside the USA.  Please contact us if you wish to order seed or roots outside the UDA.  We will check if an Import Permit and a Phytosanitary Certificate is required in your country.  Roots which may freeze during shipment will be postpone until warmer weather has arrived.  Roots are seasonal with shipping starting in April.
     Paulownia Consulting​ fees vary with the time involved.  We offer 3 types of consulting, by email, by phone, and by onsite visit (either your site or mine).
Phytosanitary Certificate may be required for seed and root orders outside the USA.  We will confirm by email if it is required.  If so, please purchase by clicking the button below: