Paulownia Seed

About the Seed

    The seeds comes from a fruit called a pod. It is ovoid, woody, egg-shaped capsules about one inch to two inches long. The capsules turns dark brown in the fall and remains on the tree through the winter.  One mature tree can easliy produce 20,000,000 seeds per season

     The wing seed are very tiny (0.055-0.12 " long) and dispersed by wind. Seed should be collected after they have ripened, but before they open. The change in color from green to dark green is a good index for collection.


      Germinating paulownia seed is a fun, easy, and inexpensive method of getting started in the paulownia experience.

     My method gets you through the germination problems associated with Paulownia and to the point where the little trees want to grow.

​     Directions are included with all seed orders
We are always available by phone or e-mail for support.
We guarantee germination when our directions are followed.

Field Planting

      With proper weed control and care, germinated seedlings can be planted directly into the field 8 to 12 weeks afer sowing.

     The advantages of seed are several. 

     *They are cheap! The less money used in the initial investment, the easier it is to make a profit.
     *Since you started them from seed, you control their health. There are no issues with damage during the shipping process. You can get very healthy seedlings!